LSG Self-closing Ladder Safety Gates – PS Doors

  • Meets ANSI & OSHA safety standards.
  • Ladder safety gates swing both ways
  • Allows a ladder way to be both safe, and easy to get through.
  • Gates ship fully assembled and can be installed with 5 minutes and a socket wrench
  • Universal hinges work with most existing railing systems
  • Optional adaptor brackets are sold for large or unique pipe.
  • Optional Stand-Off Mounting System available for improved transition on/off the ladder.
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What is a ladder safety gate?


A self-closing, economical swing gate designed to prevent accidental falls from elevated platforms, mezzanines or ladderways. These ladder fall protection gates swing both ways and can be adjusted to fit almost any opening. Engineered and tested to comply with both OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards. Easy to install and available in Powder Coat Yellow (PCY), Hot-dipped galvanized (GAL), 304 Stainless Steel (SS), 316L Stainless Steel (SS-SW – All voids are seal-welded for food processing applications) and Aluminum (ALU).


What comes in the package?

PS DOORS self-closing ladder safety gates ship fully assembled and can be installed in mere minutes. Each gate is individually packed into a special box to prevent additional waste and maintain the integrity of the product.

Each package comes with:

  • Fully-assembled Ladder Safety Gate
  • Standard mounting hardware compatible with 2″ round pipe and 1.5″ square tube railings. ( Adaptor kits are sold for less common railing systems ).
  • Instruction Manual

Do I need an adaptor kit?

No, adaptor kits are not required. PS Doors LSG – Ladder Safety Gates ship fully assembled and include mounting hardware for attachment to 2″ round or 1.5″ square tubing. For larger railings and unique shapes, there are low cost adaptor kits available.

How do I measure my ladder safety gate opening?

Measuring for Ladder Safety Gate

  1. Measure from the inside of the railing to the other ( in inches ).
  2. Determine what kind of railing you have.
    • Standard Pipe (up to 2″ O.D. round / up to 1.5″ x 1.5″ O.D. square)
    • Wall Mount Direct – Standard
    • Angle Iron (up to 3.75″, .25″ max thickness)
    • Flat Bar (up to 4″)
    • Large Pipe (round pipe <2″ to 3.75″ outside diameter (O.D.) or square tubing <1.5″ x 1.5″ to 3″ x 3″ outside diameter (O.D.)
  3. If you’ve got standard pipe, the included mounting hardware is all that is needed and can be installed in minutes. If you’ve got wall, angle, flat, or large pipe; subtract 2.5″ from your original measurement.
  4. Take your measurement, find which range your measurement is in and choose the corresponding model size.

Lead times?

Typically, most gates are in stock and ready to ship same or next day. For quantities of 8+, additional lead time may occur. If you need an exact date,; please reach out to us.

Additional information

MpnLSG-15-PCY, LSG-15-GAL, LSG-15-SS, LSG-15-SS-SW, LSG-18-PCY, LSG-18-GAL, LSG-18-SS, LSG-18-SS-SW, LSG-18-ALU, LSG-21-PCY, LSG-21-GAL, LSG-21-SS, LSG-21-SS-SW, LSG-21-ALU, LSG-24-PCY, LSG-24-GAL, LSG-24-SS, LSG-24-SS-SW, LSG-24-ALU, LSG-27-PCY, LSG-27-GAL, LSG-27-SS, LSG-27-SS-SW, LSG-27-ALU, LSG-30-PCY, LSG-30-GAL, LSG-30-SS, LSG-30-SS-SW, LSG-30-ALU, LSG-33-PCY, LSG-33-GAL, LSG-33-SS, LSG-33-SS-SW, LSG-33-ALU, LSG-36-PCY, LSG-36-GAL, LSG-36-SS, LSG-36-SS-SW, LSG-36-ALU, LSG-40-PCY, LSG-40-GAL, LSG-40-SS, LSG-40-SS-SW, LSG-44-PCY, LSG-44-GAL, LSG-44-SS, LSG-44-SS-SW, LSG-48-PCY, LSG-48-GAL, LSG-48-SS, LSG-48-SS-SW
Weight21 lbs
Dimensions21 × 6 × 28 in

Opening Size

13-3/4” to 17-1/2” // LSG-15, 16-3/4” to 20-1/2” // LSG-18, 19-3/4” to 23-1/2” // LSG-21, 22-3/4” to 26-1/2” // LSG-24, 25-3/4” to 29-1/2” // LSG-27, 28-3/4” to 32-1/2” // LSG-30, 31-3/4” to 35-1/2” // LSG-33, 34-3/4” to 38-1/2” // LSG-36, 38-3/4” to 42-1/2” // LSG-40, 42-3/4” to 46-1/2” // LSG-44, 46-3/4” to 50-1/2” // LSG-48


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