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SafetyRail 2000

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Safety Rail 2000 – Fall protection system

The safety rail 2000 is an easy to use, portable guardrail system designed to be setup and broken down per job site. The unique design eliminates both the cost and danger over intermediate counterweight commonly used in other (lesser) guardrail systems. SR2000 is simply a set of rails and bases, setup around an elevated work area to prevent injury.

Each kit includes: 1 rail section, 1 base and locking pins.


Installation is as easy as: 1-2-3.

Best part of the Safety Rail 2000 is the ease in which the system can be setup and broken down per job requirements.

  1. Position the bases around the workarea
  2. Insert rails into base ports
  3. Insert the securing pins and lock base into place

Three workers can setup a 600ft of safety rail in under an hour.

Sold in many rail widths

Unique rooftops and elevated platforms require the use of many different combinations of rail widths. Rails sections are constructed of 1-5/8″ steel tubing. Each base includes 4 ports, allowing the rail to be placed in an infinite number of positions. Each base can support up to 4 rails, gate assemblies and optional toe-board brackets available.

All rails meet the OSHA 42″ height requirement for top and 21.5″ for mid rails.

SR2000 railing requires a base

The safety rail 2000 system requires that each railing be counter-weighted by a base to prevent potential falls from elevated platforms. The non-penetrating design uses a 108 lb. cast-iron base to support the railing and any person who may fall into it. This unique design minimizes tripping hazards by eliminating the need of a intermediate counterweight. All bases feature four ports, allowing the rail to be positioned in any number of ways. Each base can support up to 4 rails.

Build your own Rooftop Guardrail system

The beautiful thing about the Safety Rail 2000 is the versitility and modular design of the railing and base.

Image Title Description SKU
Safety Rail 2000 Each kit includes a rail section, base and locking pins. SR2K
SR2000 Counterweight Base 108 lb. cast-iron base capable of support 4 gates 300014
LP Outrigger for SR2K Used at the beginning and end of rail runs – partial systems 500122
Finishing Rail 18″ bull-nose D-shaped extension offsets base to prevent tripping hazards SR2000-FR
Ladder Defender Ladder kits come with two rails, 2 feet and locking pins 500472
GuardDog self-closing swing gate Fits rail width of 30″ – 36″ 500368