70529 Mandal Waterproof Unisex Rain Bib – Helly Hansen


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  • Mildew Resistant
  • Adjustable Elastic Shoulder Straps
  • Metal Snap Adjustable Waist
  • Push button adjustable Hem
  • Waterproof Seams
  • PVC Polyester
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70529_290-S - Dark Orange, S
111 in stock
70529_290-M - Dark Orange, M
208 in stock
70529_290-L - Dark Orange, L
171 in stock
70529_290-XL - Dark Orange, XL
103 in stock
70529_290-2XL - Dark Orange, 2XL
62 in stock
70529_290-3XL - Dark Orange, 3XL
81 in stock
70529_290-4XL - Dark Orange, 4XL
25 in stock
70529_310-S - Light Yellow, S
369 in stock
70529_310-M - Light Yellow, M
1677 in stock
70529_310-L - Light Yellow, L
1809 in stock
70529_310-XL - Light Yellow, XL
1353 in stock
70529_310-2XL - Light Yellow, 2XL
1528 in stock
70529_310-3XL - Light Yellow, 3XL
677 in stock
70529_310-4XL - Light Yellow, 4XL
58 in stock
70529_480-S - Army Green, S
387 in stock
70529_480-M - Army Green, M
963 in stock
70529_480-L - Army Green, L
924 in stock
70529_480-XL - Army Green, XL
1383 in stock
70529_480-2XL - Army Green, 2XL
1739 in stock
70529_480-3XL - Army Green, 3XL
770 in stock
70529_480-4XL - Army Green, 4XL
85 in stock
70529_590-S - Navy, S
162 in stock
70529_590-M - Navy, M
420 in stock
70529_590-L - Navy, L
498 in stock
70529_590-XL - Navy, XL
345 in stock
70529_590-2XL - Navy, 2XL
249 in stock
70529_590-3XL - Navy, 3XL
85 in stock
70529_590-4XL - Navy, 4XL
26 in stock
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Helly Hansen Workwear Mandal 70529 Men’s Waterproof PVC Rain Bib

When you work outdoors, you must always be one step ahead of the weather. Be prepared and make sure you’ve got a pair of quality bib pants like Helly Hansen Mandal Waterproof Fisherman’s Rain Bib.

Woven from a nice mid-weight .35mm PVC Polyester, these pants are well equipped to endure the usual wear and tear of the workday. Bibs pants are well known for being tricky to size properly, thankfully these Mandal Fisherman’s Rain Pants come with fully adjustable suspenders to ensure proper water repulsion. The 70529 are mildew resistant and come with a nice inner chest pocket with zipper to keep valuables safe and nearby.

Stay one step ahead of mother nature with Helly Hansen’s 70529 Mandal Waterproof Bib Pants and next time the forecast calls for rain, you know who is staying dry.


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