75108 HH LIFA MAX Crewneck – Helly Hansen


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  • Lifa® lifts up moisture away from the skin
  • HH®Lifa Max is soft, warm and breathable
  • No shoulder or side seams
  • Flatlock stitching significantly improves comfort
  • Incredibly warm
  • Built for low-medium activity on cold days
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75108_990-XS - Black, XS
28 in stock
75108_990-S - Black, S
39 in stock
75108_990-M - Black, M
560 in stock
75108_990-L - Black, L
83 in stock
75108_990-XL - Black, XL
115 in stock
75108_990-2XL - Black, 2XL
38 in stock
75108_990-3XL - Black, 3XL
15 in stock
75108_990-4XL - Black, 4XL
42 in stock
75108_990-5XL - Black, 5XL
33 in stock
75108_590-XS - Navy, XS
13 in stock
75108_590-S - Navy, S
148 in stock
75108_590-M - Navy, M
398 in stock
75108_590-L - Navy, L
314 in stock
75108_590-XL - Navy, XL
148 in stock
75108_590-2XL - Navy, 2XL
83 in stock
75108_590-3XL - Navy, 3XL
140 in stock
75108_590-4XL - Navy, 4XL
48 in stock
75108_590-5XL - Navy, 5XL
42 in stock
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HH LIFA MAX Crewneck – Helly Hansen 75108

A tower is only as strong as its foundation and it goes the same way for layers. A base layer works by fitting securely to your skin, ventilating and cooling while simultaneously wicking moisture up from the skin and into your outer layers.

The 75108 Helly Hansen Lifa Max Crewneck combines fantastic warmth, moisture control and reliability all in a comfortable, lightweight and great looking crewneck. Flatlock stitching helps to minimize number of layers and maximize comfort. Cuffs and neckband are reinforced with double self fabric to ensure durability and a proper fit.


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