C814 Reflective Coverall Jumpsuit, Unisex – Portwest


  • Generously sized to accommodate layers
  • 2-inch wide reflective material on shoulders. elbows and ankles.
  • 8 Pockets – including cell-phone, chest, pen and ruler pocket.
  • 100% cotton material is both durable and comfortable.
  • “Action Back” creates an unrestricted sensation.
  • Mic Tabs to clip on a radio, or cell phone.
  • Snaps up in the front over a 2-way zipper.
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C814NARS - Navy, S
89 in stock
C814NARM - Navy, M
94 in stock
C814RBRL - Royal Blue, L
216 in stock
C814NARL - Navy, L
36 in stock
C814RBRXL - Royal Blue, XL
283 in stock
C814NARXL - Navy, XL
176 in stock
C814RBRXXL - Royal Blue, 2XL
273 in stock
C814NARXXL - Navy, 2XL
72 in stock
C814RBRXXXL - Royal Blue, 3XL
100 in stock
C814NARXXXL - Navy, 3XL
8 in stock
C814NAR4XL - Navy, 4XL
67 in stock
C814NAR5XL - Navy, 5XL
169 in stock
C814GRRS - Gray, S
9 in stock
C814GRRL - Gray, L
20 in stock
C814GRRXL - Gray, XL
76 in stock
C814GRRXXL - Gray, 2XL
49 in stock
C814KHRS - Khaki, S
86 in stock
C814KHRM - Khaki, M
114 in stock
C814KHRL - Khaki, L
128 in stock
C814KHRXL - Khaki, XL
159 in stock
C814KHRXXL - Khaki, 2XL
37 in stock
C814KHRXXXL - Khaki, 3XL
45 in stock
C814ORRS - Orange, S
76 in stock
C814ORRM - Orange, M
81 in stock
C814ORRL - Orange, L
61 in stock
C814ORRXL - Orange, XL
183 in stock
C814ORRXXL - Orange, 2XL
85 in stock
p-c814 - Orange, 4XL
in stock
C814RERM - Red, M
74 in stock
C814RERL - Red, L
65 in stock
C814RERXL - Red, XL
271 in stock
C814RERXXL - Red, 2XL
72 in stock
C814RERXXXL - Red, 3XL
39 in stock
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Portwest C814 Unisex Reflective Coveralls, 8 Pockets

For shoulder to ankle protection at an economical value; checkout the portwest C814 Reflective Unisex Coverall. The garment is a simple, 1-piece jumpsuit designed to offer protection against dirt, grime and abrasion as well as 100% cotton comfort.

This garment is equipped with 8 pockets, including a cell phone pocket and easy-to-use mic tabs to clip on a radio, microphone or walkie-talkie.

The C814 reflective coverall features an “action back”; which offers a unmistakable unrestricted feeling. This 100% cotton material is both durable and comfortable. Quit ruining your ‘good’ clothing at work and hop into a pair or outfit your employees with a set of Portwest C814 cotton reflective coveralls.


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