Michigan Safety Products of Flint Inc.

Applesafety is just one of many online stores managed by Michigan Safety Products of Flint Inc. Despite the name, we are no longer stationed in Flint Michigan, but up in Harbor Springs (just south of the Mackinaw Bridge), in Northern Michigan.

We are a certified small business with 4 employees. We are veteran-owned (air force) and registered federal suppliers. We are in a hubzone and love to send our quotes with slim margins.

  • Code code: 3CG22
  • Federal Tax ID: 38-2523013
  • Dun & Bradstreet: 118256734

We run a number of eCommerce websites selling safety products:

  • Safecutting
  • Applesafety
  • FallProtectionUSA
  • iWantWorkwear

Michigan Safety Products of Flint Inc was found in 1984 got started selling safety equipment to the Big Three Automobile Manufacturers (Ford, GM and Chrysler). As the business flourished and the age of the internet was soon upon us we settled down in the world of eCommerce and have never looked back.

Michigan Safety Products of Flint, Inc.
8640 Commerce Court
Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Phone: 231-439-5550
Fax: 231-439-5557
Mon-Fri 7:30AM to 5:00PM

Checkout our other sites

We run a number of niche safety websites, check us out for all your safety needs:


After years of success and the boom of the internet; we created our first website: Safecutting.

Safecutting quickly became a go-to destination for the Klever Kutter— an disposable safety cutter designed to cut quickly with damaging merchandise. As the site grew in popularity and our sales sky rocketed we soon became inundated with requests for Fall Protection.


Thus, FallProtectionUSA was born! FPUSA is where we put our early day experience with GM, Ford and Chrysler to work. Fall protection is serious work and requires a trained professional when answering questions and quoting large systems.

On FallProtectionUSA we offer everything designed to keep you from hitting the ground. FPUSA was a larger website with more products and a requirement of more details and resources. Fall protection– especially large complex products need a lot more then a paragraph and a few images.


After years of success with selling Safety Knives and Fall Protection; we wanted to dip our toes into a full line safety site: Applesafety. This new website is where we took our 30+ years of experience with selling safe cutters, harness and guardrail systems and extended that can-do attitude into selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At Applesafety our goal has always been to be a one-stop shop for any safety item a business could want. We bring our experience with Fall Protection and Safety Knives and build upon that with new vendors, new tech and a better shopping experience. Top-notch customer service, prompt shipping and a plethora of opportunities to save big– these are just a few of the reasons our customers keep coming back.


Over the years our business has matured; in fact Michigan Safety Products is 36 years old (in 2020). We have been around longer than most of our customers and have aged like a fine wine. What makes us different is our ability to change and adapt with the times. It’s been a long time since the “dot com boom” of the early 2000’s when we first launched our first website.

While the times are different and sites have changed we still feel strongly that there are three defining characteristics of a strong business.

  1. Friendly customer service
  2. Transparency
  3. Good website

Friendly customer service

Whether you are calling for a quote, ask a question or just to confirm we got your order… we are here for you (during business hours 😜 ).

Seriously, we love talking to our customers; we love talking safety or just bullshitting about the weather. Got a question about a coat? Call us up, ask us about the materials, fibers, safety standards it meets and doesn’t. We are here for you.

Seriously, Contact us

A good website

Lets face it, in 2020 and beyond– more and more people are shopping online. This is why we strongly believe in continuous development in all of our websites. We are constantly making changes to improve the customer experience. We want our websites to load quickly and get the customer to where she wants to go.

We are very aware there is a lot of competition out there and want to thank you for giving us a second look. From the bottom of our hearts we can promise “we will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer”.

Errors, omissions, etc.

Hopefully, everything is correct on this site but we know that there’s bound to be errors in prices, descriptions, etc. We hope to have few, if any. In the event pricing on product or freight/shipping charges is incorrect we reserve the right to cancel or refuse to ship an order due to this problem. We will provide a full refund or void any charges for any order(s) that fall under these unusual circumstances.