Safety Boot Guardrail System – Reusable guardrail system – Eliminates bracing – Creates instant toeboards – Unlimited guardrail potential – Exceeds OSHA guardrail standards – Made in the USA – Safety Maker SB001

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  • Unlimited possibilities – Create certified guardrails and complex staircases using a pile of 2X4’s and Safety Boots
  • Be proactive – Construct a guardrail in minutes and expand throughout each construction phase
  • 24/7 fall protection – Passive guardrails are always there when you need them to prevent  falls and protect personnel
  • Simple use – Place two 2X4 into a installed base and you’ve got a OSHA compliant rigid post
  • Instant toe-board – includes a slot on each side, allowing lateral placement into boot to meet toe-board regulations
  • Compact design – Measures  10-1/2″ diagonal width and weights under 3 lbs each.
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Unlimited Guardrail Potential

The SafetyBoot is not worn on your feet, it is THE reusable guardrail solution designed to maximize versatility, minimize waste and keep people safe! The safety boot is made from a high-impact polymer and weights just 2 lbs, but insert two 2X4’s into the base and you’ve got a rigid post. Slide some horizontal boards into the base and create instant toe-boards. The base itself is easy to install, with just a few bolts and washers the boot can be anchors into concrete, steel, wood or whatever you’ve got.


Proactive & Proven

Guardrails cannot protect employees tomorrow, we must act today! Keep a supply ready for your crew for immediate protection against open edges and potential falls. Use the SafetyBoot to protect a job-site BEFORE your people leave for the day – no loose ends. Once a job is finished, break down your guardrails and prepare for the next build site. Use your Safety Boot for years to come, minimize the cost of waste and fees from renting re-renting the same equipment.


Universal installation

The Safety Boot can installed into wooden frames, plywood, steel and concrete using the proper fasteners (NOT INCLUDED).  Fender washers are included. Installation is simple and can be broken down to 4 distinct steps.

  1. Assemble – Cut 2X4 lumber into 42″ inch lengths, place into base (one at a time) and fasten with lag screw.
  2. Position – Place the boots in a line along unprotected areas – no more than 8ft. apart.
  3. Secure – Fasten safety boots to flooring using included fender washers. 
  4. Build – Fasten top and mid rails to post, then insert toe-board.

Includes fender washers.  Fasteners not included.  See instructions here for proper fasteners.


Safety Boot by Safety Maker

  • The Safety Boot Guardrail System is proudly made in the U.S.A.!!
  • The Safety Boot offers a free standing guardrail system that can remain in place throughout construction including drywall installation and inside finishing work. No bracing required.
  • The Safety Boot is reusable! Once permanent railings are installed, the posts and Safety Boots can be easily removed and on to your next jobsite or temporary safety rail application.
  • Anchors into most of your common subfloor materials, including concrete decks
  • Toe boards (Required by OSHA) drop directly into the slots making 90 degree angles easy! 
  • Crafted from durable high impact safety yellow polymer the Safety Boot is backed by a one-year replacement guarantee.
  • Each Safety Boot guardrail system unit is labeled with a QR code for easy on-site scanning to download installation instructions in multiple languages. You can also download the instructions here (English and Spanish).


Additional information

Mpn sb001, sb024, sb288
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 in


SB001 – Single, SB024 – 24 Pack, SB288 – Pallet (288 pack)

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