S441 Classic Unisex Rain Pants – Portwest


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  • Waterproof Fabric & Seams
  • Elastic Waist
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Adjustable Hem
  • Generous fit to accommodate layering
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S441BKRM - Black, M
1385 in stock
S441BKRL - Black, L
536 in stock
S441BKR4XL - Black, 4XL
86 in stock
S441NARS - Navy, S
477 in stock
S441NARM - Navy, M
2413 in stock
S441NARL - Navy, L
1503 in stock
S441NARXL - Navy, XL
1149 in stock
S441NARXXL - Navy, 2XL
234 in stock
S441NARXXXL - Navy, 3XL
693 in stock
S441NAR4XL - Navy, 4XL
193 in stock
S441NAR5XL - Navy, 5XL
54 in stock
S441NAR6XL - Navy, 6XL
80 in stock
S441OGRXXL - Olive Green, 2XL
5 in stock
S441OGRXXXL - Olive Green, 3XL
25 in stock
S441ORRXL - Orange, XL
58 in stock
S441ORRXXXL - Orange, 3XL
13 in stock
S441YERS - Yellow, S
46 in stock
S441YERM - Yellow, M
18 in stock
S441YERL - Yellow, L
139 in stock
S441YERXL - Yellow, XL
186 in stock
S441YERXXL - Yellow, 2XL
11 in stock
S441YERXXXL - Yellow, 3XL
8 in stock
S441YER4XL - Yellow, 4XL
28 in stock
S441YER6XL - Yellow, 6XL
17 in stock
S441YER5XL - Yellow, 5XL
14 in stock
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Portwest S441 Classic Waterproof Pants

Ideal to be worn in foul weather, the Portwest S441 Classic Unisex Rain Pants are a mixture of good economics and tradition designed to keep you dry without breaking the wallet.

The waterproof fabric and seams keep moisture out and the securable hem allows for a tight fit around the ankles. The elastic waistband offers significant comfort and generous fit accommodate layers.


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